Tuesday, July 08, 2008

"A person who is creative never thinks of using anything. Everything is using him. I am very happy because everything is using me. And everything is using you. The complete galaxy is using you. For something. I don't know what. I don't know, but maybe the trees are used by the planet to take the sun and make a kind of cookie. And then you eat these sun cookies. You call them fruits. You are eating the sun. You are used as a radio."

"Our masters are the animals and the children. The children are so fantastic. And what they do? They play. Well, we must play. Fantastic games. The game of enlightenment. The games to speak to God. The games to go all over the universe can be so fantastic. The astral travel can be a very beautiful game. Reincarnation --what a game! Reincarnate any kind of thing. Fantastic! The game to die. The game to be married. The game to have children. The game to be ill. The game to have a cancer. The game to kill a person in war. All games. All our movement is a dream."

"In the Jewish religion at 13 one is a man. Why does our society think a man of 13 is a little kid? Because to the establishment it is dangerous to give the voting rights to 13-year-olds. The state tries to retard the growth of all its citizens."


aranta said...

ehrm... con que "leyendo" Penthouse, eh?

Cosilandia said...

Man, this dude is few dimensions farther out. Makes me want to watch his movies though I'm still not sure I feel like letting him mess with my mind.
Hey, no pictures at that link? What's up with that?